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Best Way To Earn Online Money In India Is Not That Hard And Not That Easy. There Are Lot Of Ways To Do It. But Here We Finded 7 Best Ways Earn Money Through Online.

Here Is Your 7 Best Ways To Earn Online Money In India:

  1. Blogging
  2. Vlogging
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Freelancing
  5. Trading
  6. Starting An Online Store
  7. Drop Shipping.

1. Blogging:


It Is Simply Giving An Answer To A Question.

For Ex: In Exam We Write Answers To Questions Like That Only Here In Blogging We Will Tell Answer To People (Who Is Searching For Something) Through Blogging.

How Can You Do It:

Buy And Setup A Website & Hosting, Create A Blog And Start Writing On It.

To Do Blogging We Need:
  • Website And Hosting (Bluehost Is Best Web Hosting Service Provider).
  • Niche (Ex: Health And Fitness).

After Writing Some Blogs Apply For Google AdSense To Earn Money Through Blogging.

I Want To Start Blogging Here Is The 7 Free Blogging Tools For Beginners With Zero Investment.

Google AdSense:

It Helps Us To Monetize Our Site Through Blogging.

  • Write At least 20 Blogs Before Going To Apply For Google AdSense.
  • Decide And Write Blogs On Dedicated Niche.
  • Don’t Copy Or Don’t Write The Duplicate Content.
  • Choose The Best Web Hosting My Suggestion Is Bluehost.

2. Vlogging Is One Of The Best Way To Earn Online Money In India:

Vlogging Is Best Way To Earn Online Money In India

It Is Also Know As Vlogger(YouTuber). Now A Days Lot Of Are Earning Money Through YouTube For Free (Without Investing Any Money).

How Can You Do It:

Create An YouTube Channel And Start Uploading Your Niche Videos.

To Do Vlogging We Need:
  • A YouTube Channel (Create It For Free)
  • A Mobile/Video Camera
  • Niche

Note: To Earn Money Through YouTube You Need At Least 4000 Watch Hours Along With 1000 Subscribers.

After You Eligible Apply For YouTube Monetization And Start Earning Money Through YouTube.

  • Create An Answerable And Valuable Videos.

3. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

In Olden Days We Call It As Network Marketing, But Now In This Online Era We Are Calling It As Affiliate Marketing. It Is Nothing But Referring Some One Product Or Service Through Online And Earning Commission Out Of It.

How Can You Do It:

Sign Up With Any One Of The Product/Service In Online Who Is Providing Good Commission.

Promote It Through:
  • Social Media Like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube And Many More
  • Blogging
  • Offline (Referring To Friends, Family & Colleagues)
  • Many More Ways There.
Best Affiliate Marketing Commission Providers:

4. Freelancing:


It Is Nothing But Earning Money By Using(Selling) Your Skills. Learn Any One Skill And Apply For Jobs/Projects On The Best Sites.

Top Freelance Skills In India:

  • Web Designing & Development
  • Online Security & Ethical Hacking
  • Mobile App Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Marketing And More.

Best Self-Employed Sites India:

  • Learn A Skill Thoroughly
  • Be Patient While You Are Starting Out.

5. Trading:


Is Nothing But Investing Money In Stock/Share Market.

How Can You Do It:

Register With Stock Exchanger And Start Investing On Your Interested Stock Provider.

To Do This We Need:
  • A Mobile Phone Along With Stock Exchange Application.
  • Money.
Best Stock Brokers In India:
  • Angel Broking (The Best)
  • ICICI Direct
  • HDFC Securities
  • Axis Bank And More.
  • Learn Basics Before Going To Trade
  • Always Start With Small Amount When You Are Starting Out.

6. Start An Online Store:

Online Store Is Best Way To Earn Online Money In India
Online Store

If You Are Interested In Selling Products Start An An Online Store With Minimal Investment.

How Can You Do It:

To Do This You Need Your Own Manufactured Products Or Reseller Products Along With Website (To Show Your Products On Online).

To Do This We Need:
  • Own Manufactured Product Or Reseller Product
  • Website And Hosting
  • Delivery Service.
  • Always Start With In Your Local Area.

7. Drop Shipping:

Drop Shipping
Drop Shipping

Is Nothing But Selling Products On Online With Having Any Inventory Or Delivery Service.

How Can We Do It:

Find The Drop Shipping Partner On Online And Find Your Niche Product, Then Create A Website And list Their Products In Your Website.

To Do This We Need:
  • Website And Hosting
  • Niche Product
  • Drop Shipping Partner.

Best Drop Shipping Website Builder Shopify.

Conclusion On Best Way To Earn Online Money In India:

I Hope I Provided The Best Information For You On Best Way To Earn Online Money In India. Above Mentioned Ways Are The Trusted Ways To Earn Online.

Thanks For Reading Article Buddy.

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