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Lakme Affiliate Program

Lakme Affiliate Program

Is This Real ? Lakme Affiliate Program ! Answer Is Yes It Have An Affiliate Program. So What We Are Waiting For Let’s Go Through The Signup Process And Get To Know How To Promote It.

What Is Lakme Affiliate Program?

It Is An India’s Largest Cosmetic Brand Offering The Commission For Promoting Their Products To Consumers.

2 Ways To Do It:

  • Lakme Referral Program
  • Through INRDeals

1. Lakme Referral Program:

This Is An Direct Referral Program Offering By Lakme, When You’re their Refer Their Product To Other Like Friends And Family Via Your Referral Code Or Link. Then You Will Get Some Rewarded Points For Sale And You Can Use This Points In Next Transaction.

How To Do It:

  • Download And Install Lakme App
  • Signup With Your Details
  • Navigate To Referral Tab
  • Copy Your Unique Referral Code Or Link
  • Share It With Your Friends And Family
  • If They Use It You Will Get Reward Points.

2. Through INRDeals:

It Is A Famous Multiple Affiliate Partner In India Allowing Us To Promote Lakme Products By Providing Some Commission Out Of It. Moreover It Is India’s Affiliate Brand Partner.

Note: Website Is Mandatory To Sign Up With INRDeals

Steps To Do It:

  • Signup With INRDeals
  • Navigate To Partner Store
  • Search For Lakme
  • Click On View More
  • Generate The Custom Affiliate Link
  • Promote The Link.

Different Ways To Promote It:

  • Messages
  • Social Media Like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter And Many More.
  • Email
  • Website.

Check The Jio Affiliate Program For Detailed Promotion Methods.


1. How can I get Lakme distributorship?

Enrollment Process

  • Step 1: Visit the Official Portal. Please visit the official website of Lakme Franchise.
  • Step 2: Become a Franchisee. Click on ” Become a Franchisee” option which is appeared on the home screen of the portal.
  • Step 3: Franchisee process
  • Step 4: Join us
  • Step 5: Complete the details
  • Step 6: Submit the form.
2. How can I become a member of Lakme?

A customer who has spent an amount worth Rs. 1000/- (exclusive of taxes) & above cumulative in a period of 12 months at any Lakme Salon shall become eligible for membership of the Program.

3. How do I become a beauty distributor?

You do not need special licensing to purchase and distribute salon care products, but you do need to obtain a sales and use certificate from your state and must have a legally registered wholesaling business. According to BlueCart, you can gain licensure online through the website of your state department of commerce.

4. What is Lakme loyalty points?

200 Points will be added to your account for signing up to the lakmeindia.com newsletter. 200 Lakme Glam Points. Spending money. For every rupee you spend on Lakme, you will earn as many reward points –– If you shop for INR 2000 then 2000 points will be added to your account. Every ₹ spent = 1 Lakme Glam Point.

Conclusion On Lakme Affiliate Program:

We Hope That You Find The Enough Information Through This Article On Lakme Affiliate Program. So If You Really Like It Share It With Your Friends And Family And Comment Us Below.

Thanks For Reading The Article.

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