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In this Shopflo Review, we will learn about a complete overview of it.

Shopflo Review & It’s Information:

I have provided complete information about Shopflo Technologies Pvt Ltd below.

What Is Shopflo?

It is a secure checkout platform for ecommerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and others.

Features Of Shopflo:

  • Login
  • Payments
  • Discounts
  • Elements
  • Analytics.

Shopflo Login:

It allows you to log in with a single OTP sent to your phone number. Especially if you login from a certain device, the information is saved in the portal itself. When you login the second time, it will automatically detect your details based on the existing data.


It accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, upi (Gpay, Phonepe, Cred), emi, paylater, and others.


If you plan to offer discounts to your consumers and use it, you can expect numerous benefits. This allows you to simply tailor your discounts or coupons, as well as personalise your consumers.


We can modify the elements like pricing, coupons, forms and other features of the checkout page using the it’s dashboard.


This checkout integration will also allow you to track visits, purchases, and other information. Shopflo, in particular, can link with Google Analytics.

Solutions Offered By It:

  • Better Conversions
  • Increase AOV
  • Improved Prepaid Share.

Better Conversions:

If you’re concerned about conversions, this is the best option for you. Because many people are dissatisfied with the lengthy forms and unneeded data. So it assists you with the simple checkout process.

Increased AOV:

Obviously, if you have a higher conversion rate, your AOV (Average order value) will rise.

Improved Prepaid Share:

If your checkout procedure is simplified, your customers’ prepaid value will rise. A large number of prepaid clients indicates that your company is acquiring credibility.

Where Can I Use Shopflo?

It may be used on a variety of platforms, including it Shopify App, WordPress, Wix, and many others.

How To Use It?

To use it first take a demo tutorial from them directly; because there isn’t a trial option or login option to show you a demo tutorial for users. Anyway i am giving below reference articles offered by it you can refer to it if you feel any difficulty in using the it on different platforms.

If you need more help regarding it visit their help centre.

Shopflo Pricing:

It does not have a set price, but if you are interested in using it, request a trial first. Then, contact them for a quote based on your needs.

Shopflo Reviews:

It has 7 User Reviews based on google.

Shopflo User Review


What Does Shopflo Do?

It is an ecommerce checkout software that assists you in setting up Payment checkout.

Is Shopflo A SaaS Company?

No, It’s not a SaaS based company.

Shopflo Founder:

Priy Ranjan


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If you need any help in using it feel free to contact us.

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