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Which Is The Best YouTube Channel For Class 10th

Which Is The Best YouTube Channel For Class 10th

Are You Looking For Best YouTube Channel For Class 10th ? If Your Answer Is Yes Means You Are At The Right Place My Friend. 

There Are Lot Of YouTube Channels Out There For Class 10th Students But I Picked 17+ Best YouTube Channels For You.

Here Is Your 17+ Best YouTube Channel For Class 10th:

  1. Vedantu 9 & 10
  2. Bodhaguru
  3. Byju’s Class 9 &10
  4. Edumantra
  5. Magnet Brains
  6. Unacademy 9 & 10
  7. Padhle
  8. Atharva Puranik
  9. Green Board
  10. Toppr Class 8 to 10
  11. EduPoint Class 9 & 10
  12. Learn And Fun – Class 9 & 10
  13. The Basis 9 & 10
  14. eSaral Class 8,9&10
  15. Apni Kaksha 9 & 10
  16. Learnohub Class 9 & 10
  17. Physics Wallah Foundation
  18. Careerwall Class 9 & 10th
17+ Best YouTube Channels For Class 10th
17+ Best YouTube Channels For Class 10th

1. Vedantu 9 & 10:

Its Is An YouTube Channel Is Especially Made For Class 9 & 10th Students. With The Help Of This Channel You Can Learn And Crack Your Exams Easily.

Moreover Vedantu 9 & 10th Channel Helping Students In Preparing CBSE Board, ICSE Board, Maharashtra Board Exams.

Although Along With Some Other Competitive Exams Like NTSE, JEE And NEET Foundation Courses.

2. Bodhaguru:

An Animated YouTube Channel For Class 9 & 10th Especially Those Are Interested Or Weak In Math’s, English And Science.

Moreover This Channel Has A Lot Of Animated Moral Story Video, Which Helps In Improve Our Self Values And Ethics.

3. Byju’s Class 9 & 10th:

It Is The Best YouTube Channel For Class 10th Students Especially Those Who Are Preparing For NTSE, Olympiads, JEE And NEET. 

Benefits From Byju’s:

  • Revision Classes
  • Tips And Tricks To Solve Questions Easily
  • Pre-Practice And Model Papers For Exams
  • Motivational Class For Mental Health.

4. Edumantra:

It Is Now EDUHAP YouTube Channel. This Channel Is Made For Science Students And Teachers.

If You Want To Improve Your Knowledge In Science Just Go Through With This Channel.

Features Of This Channel:

  • Free Notes
  • Sample Papers
  • Live Sessions

5. Magnet Brains:

It Is An Free Online Education Channel From LKG To 12th Class. Here You Can Learn Complete 10th Class Syllabus Of (Math’s, Science, Social, Sanskrit, Hindi).

Benefits From It:

  • Learn Complete Free
  • Spoken English
  • Competitive Exams Preparation.

6. Unacademy 9 & 10:

It Aims To Prepare Students For CBSE Board Exams Along With Other Competitive Exams Like NTSE, NSO, NSEJS, PRMO To Achieve Better Results (Students) In Their Exams.

Features Of Unacademy:

  • CBSE Preparation
  • Detailed Explanation.

7. Padhle:

It’s Just Tips And Tricks YouTube Channel For Class 10th Students. Here You Will Get Daily Tips On How To Crack Exams And Tips On Writing Exams.

Moreover This Channel Also Providing Some Explanatory Videos On Class 10th Topics/Syllabus In Animated Manner.

8. Atharva Puranik:

A Channel Introduced By An Atharva Puranik To Help Class 10th Students In Math’s And Science To Learn And Achieve Good Score In Their Exams.

He Provides Short And Informative Videos To Understand The Concepts Better And Easily.

9. Green Board:

It  Is A Dedicated YouTube Channel For 10th Class Students Those Who Are Weak And Want To Learn Math’s And Science.

This Channel Is Best For You.

10. Toppr Class 8 To 10th:

An YouTube Channel Made For Class 8th To 10th Students To Enhance Their Knowledge And Attempt The Exams Without Any Fear.

Here You Will Get Explanatory Videos In An Practical Manner Instead Of Theoretical Classes.

Benefits Through Toppr:

  • Live Quiz
  • Preparation Tips
  • Exam Tricks
  • And Lot More.

11. EduPoint Class 9 & 10th:

If You Want To Learn Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math’s And Geography. I Would Suggest You To Go Through With This Channel.

Here Can Learn Your Topics Through Animated Or In Video Explanation Format.

12. Learn And Fun Class 9 & 10th:

This Channel Will Help Those Who Are Preparing For CBSE (Especially CBSE Term 2) To Achieve Good Results In Exams.

Apart Through This Channel You Will Get Some Motivation Classes As Well Through Your Teachers.

13. The Basics 9 & 10:

Those Who Want To Learn Math’s And Science For ICSE & CBSE, This Is The Best Channel For You To Crack Your Exam Easily.

Here You Will Get To Know The Basics Of Each Every Topic.

14. eSaral Class 9 & 10th:

Especially This Channel Is For JEE And NEET Aspirants Those Who Are Preparing From Class 10th. 

Features Of It:

  • Tips And Tricks In Cracking Exam
  • Counselling Session
  • Easy Understandable Explanation
  • Many More.

15. Apni Kaksha 9 & 10:

It Is Also A Best YouTube Channel For Class 10th Students. Especially Through This Channel You Will Get Your Topics Explained In The Form Of Short Video (Less Than 60 Seconds).

Benefits For You:

  • Full Syllabus
  • Best Notes
  • Right Guidance.

16. Learnohub Class 9 & 10:

This YouTube Channel Wants To Remove Exam Fear Of Class 10th Students. Then Apart From This Here You Can Learn English Grammar, Science Experiments From This Channel.

Although You Can Also Learn NEET Preparation Through Videos.

17. Physics Wallah Foundation:

This Channel Aims To Achieve High Score (Students)  In Their Class 10th Exams. Although You Will Get Tips And Tricks To Crack Exams Easily And Achieve High Score In Exam.

18. Careerwall Class 9 & 10th:

This Is A Career Counselling YouTube Channel For Class 10th Students.

Benefits Of Careerwall:

  • Live Classes
  • PDF Notes
  • Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Updated Syllabus.


Which is the best YouTube channel for class 10th biology?

Magnet Brains‘ YouTube channel is the best YouTube channel for class 10 Biology

Which YouTube teacher is best for physics?

List of best Physics teachers on YouTube India

  • Khan Academy.
  • Mashup Math.
  • CBS class videos.
  • Pebbles CBSE Board Syllabus.
  • Aman Dhattarwal.
Who is the best math’s teacher on YouTube?

Best Math Teachers for Competitive Exams on YouTube | 2022 | Best math teacher on YouTube

  • Abhinay Sharma Sir.
  • RaMo Sir.
  • Gagan Pratap Sir.
  • Rakesh Yadav.
  • Saket Sir.
  • Sahil Sir.
  • Dixit Sir.
  • Mohit Goel Sir.
Who is the best teacher of Class 10 Science on YouTube?

Bodhaguru, with more than 1.2 million subscribers, is another good YouTube channel for mathematics as well as science for up to Class 10. The channel has over 100 interesting videos covering almost all topics that offer examples and simple explanations to provide a better learning experience to Class 10 students.

Conclusion On Which Is The Best YouTube Channel For Class 10th:

I Hope You Got The Right Information Through This Article. If You Find This Information Helpful Share It With Your Friend.

Thanks For Reading The Article.

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