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measures need to take to reduce RTO

You may have come here because you are having trouble with RTOs (Return to Origin). If so, you’ve come to the correct place, my friend.

You can take the following actions to successfully lower your RTO rate:

1. Preventative Measures:

a) Product Transparency:

a(1) Detailed Descriptions:

Provide the details regarding product very clearly and verified only; because poor product description will create bad impressions. 

a(2) High-Quality Images:

Apart from Content HD images play a key role in customer engagement.

a(3) Customer Reviews:

Place genuine reviews on websites or in product pages which you have collected from your customers to get more sales. 

b) Communication and Verification:

b(1) Pre-Order Confirmation:

Once your customer placed an order allow him/her to re-check the order details like delivery address, shipping method & more by sending pre-order confirmation email.

b(2) COD Verification:

Especially for COD orders pre-verify with the customer order by reaching out to them via phone or email for order confirmation. 

c) Delivery Preferences:

c(1) Multiple Payment Options:

Offer various payment gateways like UPI, Credit cards, debit cards, wallets, EMI, pay later and more. Because some of the customers will not have some of the payment methods to do, so you will loose the customers.  

c(2) Delivery Time Slot Selection:

If possible allow customers to select the delivery time and date slot for customer convenience. (Add On Advantage) 

c(3) Address Validation:

Before dispatch the order, verify the customer address to reduce RTO by using some Address verification tools.

2. Streamlined Logistics and Communication:

a) Accurate Order Fulfilment:

Ensure the right product is going to pick, pack & ship according to the customer order with the right management system.

b) Robust Tracking System:

Assign the accurate order tracking link to the customer to track their package real time.

c) Effective Communication:

Offer an effective communication process to customers with shipping, tracking & delivery methods.

3. RTO Management and Recovery:

a) COD Follow-up:

Ensure the follow up with real time updates to customers to reduce chances of order cancellations.

b) RTO Analysis:

Before implementing this RTO Measures try to track the previous RTO data metrics then start implementing right strategies.

c) Exchange Options:

To reduce RTO on order’s offer more exchange options instead of return/refund.

4. Additional Tips:

a) Invest in high-quality packaging:

Make sure that you have done the package strongly and quality to give better experience to customers.

b) Offer Free Returns:

To build trust with customers, provide free returns if there are any issues with products.

c) Build customer relationships:

Make customer relationships stronger by doing things like Responding to queries immediately, solving issues instantly, making communication easy and more.


By following the above strategies you are able to reduce your RTO ratio within a few days or in future. So, I hope you got enough information through this article on How To Reduce RTO In Ecommerce.

If you find this really helpful go ahead and share with your business partners and who else is looking for it. Thanks for reading this article my friend.

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