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Are You Looking For Top SEO Extensions For Chrome? Then You Are At The Right Place My Friend. Here I Have Picked Top 10 Out Of All SEO Extensions For You.

Here Is Your 10 Top SEO Extensions For Chrome:

  1. Keywords Everywhere
  2. Link Redirect Trace
  3. Majestic Backlink Analyzer
  4. Meta SEO Inspector
  5. MozBar
  6. Open SEO Stats
  7. Ubersuggest
  8. SEO Minion
  9. Checkbot
  10. WebRank SEO.

1. Keywords Everywhere:

It Is The Best And Useful Extensions For Finding In Keyword Search Volume, Cost Per Click, Competition, Trending Keywords (Short Tail And Long Tail) And Many More.

Moreover Keyword Is The Foundation For SEO.

If You Want To Find Keywords For Free Just Go Through With Best Of Free Keyword Research Tools Article; This Will Help You In Your Keyword Research.

How To Install It:

  • Search For Keyword Everywhere Extensions In Google
  • Click On The Frist Link
  • Then Click Add To Chrome
  • Finally Start Using It.

2. Link Redirect Trace:

It Helps In Checking The Any Kind Of Link Redirection Like HTTP, Rel-Canonical, Robots.txt, Link Power And More.

This Is Useful While Coming To Tracing Link Directs. No Need Of Another Tool Or Technical Knowledge To Use This Plugin.

How To Install & Use It:

  • Search For Link Redirect Trace Extensions
  • Click One The Frist Link And Add It Chrome
  • Then Open Any Kind Of Website
  • Check Whether The Link Is Redirected Or Not.

3. Majestic Backlink Analyzer:

It Is An Free Backlink Checking Chrome Extension. By Using This We Can Check How Many Backlinks Especially The Site Have Including The Internal Links, External Links, Link Count Etc..

How To Start & Use It:

  • Add Majestic Backlink Analyzer To Chrome.
  • Authenticate With Free Version
  • Start Analyzing The Links (On-Page Links, Internal Links & More).

Note: Benefit From It Is You Can Copy And Paste The Links Simply.

4. Meta SEO Inspector:

It Help Us In Checking Meta Description Of The Particular Page, Title Length, Canonical URL, Robots.txt Problems And More.

No Need To Go To Back End Dashboard To Find The Find The Some Of Website Problems. It Helps In Finding As Soon As Possible.

How To Use It And Install:

  • Find The Meta SEO Inspector In Google
  • Add It Chrome
  • Open Your Website In Google
  • Then Navigate To Extensions And Open It
  • It Will Show The Entire Necessary Data
  • Take A Note Of Errors Or Problems Need To Be Solved.

5. MozBar:

An All In One SEO Metric Chrome Extension Helps Us In Exploring The Domain Authority, Page Authority, HTTP Status, Links Results Like (Internal, External, No-Follow, Do-Follow) And More.

MozBar Is An One Of The Best Reputed SEO Extension For Chrome.

Note: You Need To Signup Before Going To Use It.

Steps To Use It:

  • Just Add MozBar To Chrome
  • After Then Signup With It
  • Find And Open Any Website
  • MozBar Will Start Displaying All The Information In Top Header Bar.

6. Open SEO Stats:

Formerly It Is Known As PageRank Status. Especially It Gives Information About Number Of Pages Indexed, Traffic Volume, Geographic Location And Many More.

Moreover It Will Also Give Internal And External Link Information Include Alt Text Info As Well.

Note: Best Extension To Check Website SEO.

Steps To Install It:

  • Open Google And Search For Open SEO Stats Chrome Extension
  • Add It Chrome
  • Come And Open Your Website
  • Then Click On Its Extension In Right Side Top Corner
  • Check All The Necessary Information.

7. Ubersuggest Is Best Out Of Top SEO Extensions For Chrome:

This Is The Best And Informative SEO Chrome Extension. Since So Many Years I am Using This. Especially It Helps You In Finding Keyword Difficulty, Domain Overview, Backlink Analysis And More.

Note: It UX Is Very Easily Understandable, Even The Person Is New To SEO Also.

Guide To Install It:

  • Find It On Google As Ubersuggest SEO Extension
  • Just Add To Chrome
  • Open Your Own Or Competitor Website
  • Switch To Ubersuggest Plugin
  • Find The Overall Information In Single Tab.

8. SEO Minion:

This Is The Right SEO Extension For Analyzing On-Page SEO, Broken Link Checking, SERP Preview, Hreflang Checker And Many More Are There.

Note: One Of Best Plugin From Chrome Extension With Good Reviews.

Using Guide:

  • Find SEO Minion And Add It To Chrome
  • Just Go Any Website
  • Navigate SEO Minion Extension
  • Then Choose To Type You Need To Analyze.

9. Checkbot:

The Main Motto Of This Plugin Is To Check Website Speed And Security. Although It Helps In Checking The SEO Things Like Duplicate Titles, Canonical URL’s, Image Alt Texts And Many More.

Note: Best Plugin Awarded By HubSpot As A “Best Chrome Extension 2021”.

Steps To Install And Use It:

  • Just Find The Checkbot Extension And Add To Chrome
  • Come Back And Open An Web Page
  • Then Click On The Installed Extension
  • Open It And Enter The URL
  • Check The Necessary Information.

10. WebRank SEO:

With This Chrome Extension We Are Able Check Website Traffic, Security, Server Location And Backlink. Along With Number Of Pages Indexed In Google And Other Search Engines.

Note: Nice Extension For Traffic Checking.

Guide To Use And Install:

  • Search For WebRank SEO And Add It As Extension
  • Open Your Website And Click On Extension
  • Note All The Necessary Details.

FAQs On Top SEO Extensions For Chrome:

1. What is the most used Chrome extension?

Here are some popular and must-have Chrome extensions:

  • Google Calendar
  • Scribe
  • Grammarly
  • Loom
  • HubSpot Sales
  • LastPass
  • Everhour
  • Awesome Screenshot.
2. Can I trust Chrome extensions?

When installing extensions for your Chrome browser, the safest way is to use a credible web store. The Chrome Web Store is the most secure place to install extensions for your Chrome browser. The store has over 190,000 extensions and web apps.

3. Can you make money from Chrome extensions?

Since extensions are meant to make work easier and solve problems, they enhance the user experience and build loyalty to your brand. Generally speaking, extensions make money from selling the extension, adding advertising, or affiliate marketing.

4. Can Chrome extensions steal passwords?

Remember that spell-checking browser extension that asked for permissions to read and analyze everything you type? Cybersecurity experts warn that there’s a high chance that some extensions are misusing your consent to steal the passwords you punch into the web browser.

Conclusion On Top SEO Extension For Chrome:

We Hope That You Find The Right And Useful Information On Top SEO Extensions For Chrome. If You Really Like It Just Share It And Comment Us Below.

Thanks For Reading The Article.

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10 Top SEO Extensions For Chrome
10 Top SEO Extensions For Chrome

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