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Are you a beginner looking to build your first website and want to know Best Online Resources To Learn WordPress

Although are you an experienced developer looking to improve your WordPress skills? Don’t worry, we have your back. 

This article will look at the best online resources for learning WordPress, including tutorials, courses, and guides.

 What Is WordPress?

It is a content management system that powers millions of websites around the world. 

Here Are Your 12 Best Online Resources To Learn WordPress?

  1. WordPress
  2. WPBeginner
  3. Udemy
  4. Lynda
  5. Smashing Magazine
  6. WP Sessions
  7. WordPress TV
  8. Darrel Wilson
  9. WP101
  10. WP Apprentice
  11. iThemes Training
  12. Hongkiat.
12 Best Online Resources To Learn WordPress

1. WordPress: is the official website of WordPress and serves as a one-stop shop for everything WordPress. 

It offers a wide range of resources where you can learn about various aspects of WordPress for free, along with in-depth documentation, tutorials, and guides.


  • Overview of WordPress features and functionalities
  • Step-by-step instructions for configuring and installing WordPress
  • Navigating the WordPress Dashboard
  • Creating and managing pages and posts
  • Customizing WordPress themes
  • WordPress Theme Development
  • Creating Custom Plugins
  • WordPress Security best practices
  • Guidelines for Optimizing search engine rankings
  • Resources to improve speed and performance
  • Choosing and Installing themes 
  • Tutorial and reference material
  • Responsive Design and mobile-friendly websites
  • Essential plugins to enhance functionality
  • Building an online store with WooCommerce
  • Managing Products, orders, and payments
  • WooCommerce Extensions and Add-ons
  • Optimizing eCommerce Performance.

Pricing: Free

Recommended For: Intermediate Users.

2. WPBeginner Is One Of The Best Online Resources To Learn WordPress:

WPBeginner is a free web-based resource that teaches beginners how to create and manage their websites.

It includes hundreds of articles on topics such as starting a blog, creating an online store, and improving WordPress performance, security, and SEO.


  • Beginner Friendly Tutorials
  • Step-by-step guides on installing and setting up WordPress
  • Navigating WordPress Dashboard
  • Creating and managing pages and posts
  • Customizing WordPress themes
  • WordPress best security practices
  • Beginner friendly seo guides.

Pricing: Free

3. Udemy:

Udemy is an online learning academy that provides over fifty free WordPress courses and ten thousand paid courses.

These courses, ranging in difficulty from beginner to intermediate to advanced, include study aids and quizzes to test your knowledge.


  • In-depth video courses
  • Courses on creating tailor-made WordPress theme
  • Comprehensive video tutorials on building custom plugins
  • Step-by-step courses on Building an online store with woocommerce
  • Video tutorials on managing products, orders, and payment gateways
  • Woocommerce extensions and add-ons.

Pricing: Course price from $10 to $200

4. Lynda: provides online courses on various topics, including business, design, photography, and software development. 

WordPress is one of the topics covered by the platform, making it an excellent resource for learning.


  • Vast course Library for topics related to WordPress
  • Courses on WordPress website development
  • High-quality instructions by industry professionals, experts, and experienced instructors
  • Video-based learning 
  • Downloadable resources such as exercise files, project files, code snippets, etc
  • Quizzes and assessments to assess the progress
  • Personalized learning experience
  • Mobile and offline access
  • Integration with LinkedIn profile to enhance professional profile
  • Continuous updates on new courses.

Pricing: Pricing varies on the region and subscription plan chosen. A free trial for one month is offered. $29.99/month to maintain membership. 

5. Smashing Magazine:

Smashing Magazine is an online publication primarily focusing on web design. The topics covered are web design, graphic design, coding, and mobile development.


  • Informative articles and tutorials
  • Guides related to web design, development, and WordPress
  • Articles are written by industry experts and experienced professionals
  • Valuable insights and practical tips
  • Innovative web design and provides design inspiration
  • Highlighting creative and visually appealing implements
  • Ebook library for topics dealing with web design and development
  • Organizes events and conferences
  • Presentations and workshops on various aspects of web design and development
  • Membership subscription plan.

Pricing: E-Books prices from $4.90-$99, workshop costs $300-$600/ticket

6. WP Sessions: 

WP Sessions is an excellent platform for moving beyond the beginner level and into more intermediate or advanced content. 

The WP Sessions video library not only helps you learn WordPress but also guides you to start a successful online business.


  • A Curated collection of Video courses and tutorials
  • Wide range of topics, including WordPress development
  • comprehensive instructions on theme customization and plugin development
  • Practical insights on performance optimization and security
  • Advanced and specialized WordPress topics
  • Hands-on learning of various techniques
  • Strategies in real-world scenarios
  • Practical demonstrations and examples
  • Collaboration with WordPress professionals and experts
  • Insight, best practices, and real-world experiences by instructors
  • Valuable guidance and knowledge
  • Hosts webinars and live events
  • Engage in discussions and ask questions to instructors
  • Subscribe to gain unlimited access.

Pricing: $5/month to $30/year membership plans are available. 

7. WordPress TV:

WordPress TV offers video courses that are simple enough for complete beginners to understand. It offers a wide range of topics, from general WordPress tips to the most recent web development news.


  • Video content related to WordPress
  • Interviews with industry experts and panel discussions
  • Theme development, design, security and marketing  videos
  • Wordcamp sessions featuring experienced speakers 
  • Best practices related to WordPress
  • Shares expertise, insights and best practices
  • Accessible content to global audience
  • Closed and caption subtitles for non- english speakers and impaired audience
  • Encourages community contribution
  • Provides search functionality and categorization.

Pricing: Free 

8. Darrel Wilson:

He has his own YouTube channel where he shares WordPress tutorials and guides. His videos are appropriate for users of all skill levels, from novice to advanced WordPress developers.


  • Video tutorials
  • Step by step instructions and walkthroughs
  • Demonstrates practical examples
  • Shares tips ad best practices
  • Helps users optimize wordpress websites
  • Reviews wordpress themes
  • Recommendations and reviews of wordpress hosting providers
  • Guidance on affiliate marketing
  • Monetization strategies for wordpress websites
  • Tips and techniques to generate income.

Pricing: Free

9. WP101:

WP101 is a video-based platform dedicated to sharing WordPress tutorials. The platform is suited for beginners, as WP101 promises that users will learn WordPress basics in less than two hours through this online course.


  • In depth video courses to learn fundamentals of wordpress
  • Designed for beginners
  • Coers topics like wordpress installation, website setup, content creation
  • Insights on theme customization, plugin usage
  • Visual demonstrations and easy to follow instructions
  • Beginner friendly approach 
  • High quality video production and audio quality 
  • Clear narration, screen recordings, and visual cues to guide users
  • Continuous updates of courses 
  • Manageable and bite sized lessons
  • Community forum and email support
  • Staff to Enhance learning.

Pricing: $19/month or $89 as a one-time payment

10. WP Apprentice:

WP Apprentice provides free WordPress course content to help you learn the fundamentals of WordPress.

It provides structured learning paths and step-by-step instructions to assist users in mastering WordPress skills. 


  • Video courses on different aspects of WordPress
  • Beginner friendly and systematic approach
  • Topics on WordPress basics, website setup, theme customization
  • Insights on plugin usage, SEO optimization and security
  • Structured learning paths
  • Hands on practice
  • Practical exercises and assignments\gain practical experience
  • Membership based model
  • Full library of courses and tutorials
  • Unlimited access to current and future content
  • Provides supplementary resources
  • Handy references.

Pricing: Membership costs $15/month

11. iThemes Training:

iThemes Training, now renamed “Training by iThemes,” is an online learning platform that provides a wide range of courses and resources for WordPress users, web designers, and developers.

It is a subsidiary of iThemes, a well-known provider of WordPress themes, plugins, and other tools. 


  • Covers wide range of topics related to wordpress
  • cater to website development, theme customization, 
  • Insights on plugin development, security, 
  • SEO optimisation, WooCommerce services information
  •  Provides video courses 
  • Broken down simple lessons
  • Practical demonstrations, explanations and step by step instructions
  • Instruct the implementation of various wordpress techniques
  • Hands on training and real world applications
  • Practical experiences and reinforce the concepts taught
  • Course instructors are experts and best practitioners
  • Provides additional support 
  • Premium membership to access all current and future courses.

Pricing: Membership costs $39/month- premium courses, download videos, and participate in its members-only Slack channel specific webinar costs $99-$299/course

12. Hongkiat:

It is a well-known online platform that offers a variety of resources and articles on web design, development, technology, and creative topics.

It contains valuable content and tutorials that WordPress users will find useful.


  • Offers tutorials and articles
  • Understand underlying technologies
  • Insights on web design, development topics etc
  • Provides tips and tricks
  • Best practices for using wordpress
  • Optimizing performance, enhancing security informations
  • Showcases inspirational content, design, graphics and creative works
  • Wide range of technology related topics
  • Photoshop tutorials, icon design,logo creation and typography
  • User community and engagement.

 Pricing: Free

FAQ’s On Best Online Resources To Learn WordPress:

1. Which is the best way to learn WordPress?

We recommend starting with HTML and CSS and then move on to PHP and JavaScript. Once you have learned a good bit of these languages, you can start learning how to code your own plugins and custom WordPress themes from scratch. You can learn all these things for free using Google and free resources available.

2. Can I learn WordPress in 2 weeks?

You can likely learn the basics and have your WordPress website up and running in one week or less. However, mastering the platform may take a month or two.

3. Is WordPress harder than coding?

The main difference between WordPress and HTML is that creating a website with WordPress does not require any development knowledge, while coding it from scratch using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) has a steeper learning curve, but will give you more control.

4. Does WordPress need coding?

You’ll need to add some code in WordPress if you’re interested in plugin and theme development, adding custom CSS to improve design, and adding custom widgets. If you want to make a WordPress theme, for example, you need to be familiar with HTML, CSS, and PHP, because you need to create at least 2 files in the index.


Ok so we hope that this article has provided you enough information on Best Online Resources To Learn WordPress. If you find this article really helpful please share with your friends and family.

Always remember to pick what is best for you. 

Additionally, in addition to our Digital Marketing courses, we also offer courses in WordPress. If you are interested, visit our courses page to learn more about what you will be studying with us.

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