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Looking for Quillbot Review? Before that Are You a researcher, student, blogger, content writer, or anyone who likes to write?

Have you ever found it impossible to paraphrase sentences or paragraphs?

Or do you miss being a perfect writer because of the common mistake you find when writing?

Ok, we got it. We often find it hard to rewrite sentences in proper grammar and without spelling errors. Also plagiarism is another problem that is faced when rewriting a sentence. So what is a solution for it?

Yes, what you are guessing is correct.

Let’s Look Into Quillbot Review:

We are reviewing and introducing a perfect platform for you where a researcher, blogger, content writer, or even a translator could build an ideal sentence without the issues of grammar, plagiarism, and spelling.

It is called Quillbot.

What is a Quillbot?

What Is Quillbot

Quillbot is an AI-powered Paraphrasing tool that assists you in improving your writing. This writing assistant provides suggestions and generates alternative synonyms. When paraphrasing, it enhances the clarity, coherence, and quality of the text entered. it analyzes the text entered and generates a translated text with appropriate suggestions. it uses a natural language processing algorithm. 

Is Quillbot just a paraphrasing tool?

The answer is a Big NO. It serves several other functions.

What are the functions of Quillbot?

A. Paraphrase:

This function uses AI Technology to paraphrase the content.  Seven different modes are available in this function:


This mode logically provides the rewrite content.


This mode ensures the text is entered grammatically-error-free. Also, the sentence will sound more human. 


It breaks down the sentence more straightforwardly to make it more readable and understandable.


This mode can change the tone of the sentence so that the rewrite sentence will be different from the meaning of the original sentence. This mode is ideal if you want to paraphrase the content different from the original version. 


This mode helps shorten the sentences and reduce the word count without changing the sentence’s meaning.


This is the opposite to shorten mode, where you can increase the length of the sentence. 

Formal Mode:

If you want your text to look professional, then this mode is for you. This mode is ideal for academic purposes for writing essays or research papers. 

B. Grammar checker:

It Grammar checker offers a decent way of checking grammatical errors and provides suggestions to correct them. However, it doesn’t function like a proper grammar checker like Grammarly. It still works better. It supports Australian, American, and British English. 

Another essential feature of it is that Quillbot Grammar Checker is a time saver as in Grammarly, we have to fix each of the mistakes individually, but in this, everything will be fixed in one go by clicking the “fix errors’ ‘ button at the bottom.

C. Plagiarism Checker:

This function works for a premium version; hence i suggest it as it functions well. This feature is helpful for bloggers, freelancers and even academic writers. Like any other plagiarism checker, you only need to paste the content, which will be scanned to show the plagiarised content in percentage. You can check about 20 pages. This plagiarism checker can check past papers and PDFs. 

D. Co-writer:

This is useful for academic writers as you can take notes and even seek help to complete the uncompleted words. So that your research papers can be completed in a short time as it is a machine learning-powered feature. 

E. Summarizer:

This paper will help you understand the meaning of a long passage in cutting down the words by summarising the text. You can adjust the word count of your summary. In the summarizer tool, two options are available:

Key Sentences: 

This will pull out essential words from the input text and provide it in pointwise form. The built-in summary length slide will help determine the number of sentences.


This will enable you to summarize the text in long paragraphs if you want your summary a bit long. The built in summary length will allow you to determine the length of the paragraph.

F. Citation Generator:

This tool is helpful for researchers when writing a research paper. You only need to enter a link and the information including title, publishing date, author name etc will be gathered. 

This feature also allows the citation to be generated in the desired format like APA, MLA, Chicago etc. after the citation is generated you can copy-paste it or export it in a Word document. 

One drawback of the citation generator:

Is that sometimes you need to add the information manually, as the citation generator will not automatically gather all the necessary information for specific links.

But this citation generator is free and doesn’t need a premium. 

So, What all Purposes for which can Quillbot be used?

Purpose Of Quilbot

1. Paraphrasing: 

Quillbolt can help you rephrase or rewrite sentences. Thereby the clarity of the text is improved by generating alternative text versions. Paraphrasing will help to avoid plagiarism. 

2. Writing Improvement:

It provides suggestions to improve the grammar of the sentence entered. It keeps the vocabulary and sentence structure in check, improving the written content’s overall quality.

3. Content Generation:

When a writer reaches writer’s block, It appears as a savior providing suggestions with alternate wordings. Also It can generate new content ideas or expand on existing ones.

4. Academic Writing:

It is a true friend to students and researchers in writing research papers. When a text is entered, Although it provides paraphrasing options, suggests vocabulary, and improves text coherence and flow.

5. Professional Communication:

It assists you in creating professional emails, reports, and other business-related documents, ensuring clarity and effective communication. 

6. Language Learning:

It can be used as a tool for language learning. You can enter sentences or paragraphs to get suggestions on expressing yourself more accurately and clearly.

7. Translation Assistance:

It can help by suggesting alternative wordings or improving the translated text.

Writers can use it to find synonyms, rephrase sentences, and experiment with different ways to express their ideas, improving their creativity and style.

Who will be benefitted from Quillbot?

A. Students:

It can assist students in a variety of ways. The first is to improve their writing skills by paraphrasing sources for academic papers, coming up with alternative wordings, and overall improving the quality of their written work.

B. Professionals:

Especially it can be helpful for professionals who need to write emails, reports, proposals, or other forms of business communication. It can help ensure their written content is clear, coherent, and professional.

C. Bloggers:

Although it can offer writers creative suggestions, alternative wording, and sentence restructuring options. It can be a valuable tool for overcoming writer’s block, increasing creativity, and refining their writing style and tone.

D. Language Learners:

Essentially it can help language students improve their writing skills and expand their vocabulary. It can suggest different wordings and expressions.

What are the Unique features of Quillbot?

1. Paraphrasing capabilities:

  • Rephrasing sentences while retaining their original meaning
  • Assisting you in avoiding plagiarism and improving clarity
  • Generating alternative text versions.

2. Summarization:

  • Produce summaries of longer texts
  • Quickly grasp the main points of an article 
  • Condense data for research purposes

3. Word Flip:

  • Explore different word options
  • Suggests alternative words and phrases
  • Assist you in discovering varied vocabulary

4. Fluency and Emphasis Mode:

  • Provides Fluency and Emphasis modes 
  • Focuses on improving the overall flow and coherence 
  • Emphasizes vital ideas and points

5. Sentence Expansion:

  • Recommends additional sentences to be incorporated into the existing text
  • Aids in the development of content and the expansion of writing

6. Advanced Grammar and Style Suggestions:

  • Help you improve your grammar, sentence structure, and style
  • Assists you in identifying and correcting errors
  • Fine-tune your writing style 
  • Ensures grammatical accuracy

7. Supports various languages:

  • English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch are included
  • Valuable feature for writing in multiple languages.


  • Valuable rephrasing suggestions
  • Helpful in avoiding plagiarism, developing alternative wordings & correcting grammar errors
  • Suggests for sentence structure, vocabulary, and overall writing quality
  • Produces polished and professional content
  • Helps to overcome writer’s block 
  • Speed up writing by providing quick suggestions
  • Improve language skills by providing alternative word choices
  • Supports writing in multiple languages.


  • Over-dependence on AI
  • Unintended errors or inaccuracies in writing
  • Limitations in Context
  • Comprehend only specific nuances of the text
  • Users have to double-check the meaning
  • Many features require a subscription
  • Challenging to understand many features on first use

How does Quillbot Paraphraser work?

  • Step 1: Type Quillbot in the Google search bar
  • Step 2: Select the first appearing link
  • Step 3: There appears two boxes
  • Step 4: Enter the text that you want to paraphrase on the left box You can either type or upload it as a doc
  • Step 5: After entering the input, press the button “paraphrase” 
  • Step 6: The paraphrased text will appear on the right box.

What are the steps that quillbot follows to paraphrase a sentence?

1. Input the text:

Give it the text you want to paraphrase. This could be a single sentence, a paragraph, or the entire document. You can enter a maximum of 125 words in a single search. 

2. Quillbot will process the text:

It processes the text by removing extra elements such as punctuation and formatting.

3. Sentence Segmentation:

The input text is divided into individual sentences or smaller units for analysis.

4. Analysis:

It examines each sentence for structure, context, and meaning. 

5. Paraphrasing:

Paraphrasing is done by producing synonyms, sentence reordering, and grammatical restructuring 

6. Evaluation:

Assesses the quality of the paraphrases using scoring mechanisms or machine learning models

7. Paragraphs with the highest scores are chosen as the output:

It may provide multiple alternatives for each sentence, allowing you to select the best one for your needs.

8. Depending on how you use Quillbot:

The paraphrased text is presented to you in the user interface or via an API response.

What are all steps to follow in Quillbot to summarise a text?

You can use it to summarise a text by following these steps:

1. Enter the Text:

Provide to it with the text you want to summarise. You can condense a paragraph, an article, or any other content. You can enter more than 1000 words at a time. 

2. Determine the length of the summary:

On the top of the correct side box is a meter provided to Determine the desired summary length or word count. This will assist it in producing a condensed and concise version of the text entered.

3. Select a Summarization Mode:

It provides several summarization modes to meet a variety of needs. You can choose the mode that best suits your needs, such as “Standard,” “Concise,” or “Explain.”

4. Generate Summary:

Invoke it to generate the summary with the mode and length you specify. The algorithms in it will analyze the input text and develop a summarised version.

5. Edit and Review:

Read the generated summary and assess its coherence, accuracy, and clarity. Make any necessary changes or edits to refine the summary further.

6. Iterate if necessary:

 If the initial summary does not meet your expectations, you can modify the summary length, change the mode, or make other changes to improve the output.

7. Finish the Summary:

Once satisfied with the generated summary, consider it a condensed version of the original text.

Lastly copy-paste the summary or export it from the bottom right side of the right box. 

What is the pricing and the features of Quillbot?

It offers Three plans:

  • Annual: $49.95
  • Semi-annual: $39.95
  • Monthly: $9.95

What are the alternatives to Quillbot?

1. Grammarly:

  • Is a better alternative to it for grammatical error checks or sentence structure.
  • While paraphrasing, often does not care for these and has to double-check the sentence construction.
  • Grammarly also offers a free plagiarism checker, while plagiarism checker is a premium feature.

2. Rephrase.org:

  • Produces rewrited text in better quality with appropriate sentences. Paraphrased text in it sometimes alters the meaning as it works by changing the synonyms. 
  • Rephrase.org has an option for users to adjust the level of uniqueness, while in the case of it, the same content is produced repeatedly. 

What are the Quillbot Extensions?

  • Chrome 
  • Google Doc
  • Ms. Word


1. Can QuillBot be trusted?

It’s plagiarism checker is excellent for checking your content through research papers. The plagiarism checker scans 20 pages a month, including around 5000 words each. All and all, the plagiarism checker is an excellent help for essayists, academic writers, etc.

2. Is QuillBot really useful?

Both Quillbot and Grammarly are good software options for improving your writing. They both use machine learning to catch your grammatical errors.

3. Is QuillBot better than Grammarly free?

It is better at paraphrasing and providing synonyms, whereas Grammarly is better at checking for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and plagiarism. Therefore, it depends on your content needs and preferences to determine which one is better.

4. Is it cheating to use QuillBot?

It is designed to write with the user, strengthening original ideas and text. If a user takes someone else’s writing and tries to pass it off as their own, that is considered cheating, whether it was used or not.

5. Which app is better than QuillBot?

Paraphraser.io is an efficient paraphrasing tool and is considered the best alternative to it because of its accurate paraphrasing results and availability to paraphrase up to 600 words in its free version. Moreover, it supports multiple languages and paraphrases content while retaining its actual intent.

6. Can a teacher detect QuillBot?

You cannot necessarily detect plagiarism using it, but your lecturer will automatically know that you used paraphrasing software. These tools do rewriting and writing essays. It uses synonyms to change wordings and other aspects of the paper.

7. Is QuillBot safe from Turnitin?

It was created to help users improve their own writing, not to help users paraphrase someone else’s writing and pass it off as their own. If you are using it properly, there should be no fear or worry of plagiarism.

What is my personal experience of using Quillbot?

What is my personal experience of using Quillbot

As a Content writer and a Research Student, It is a valuable tool, features are easy to use, and one can learn its features quickly on the first use. As a research student paraphrasing complex sentences is a heavy task, while it made it easy for me to rewrite sentences without getting them plagiarised. But one drawback is that paraphrases the sentence by replacing the synonyms which sometimes results in altering the meaning and also ruins the sentence structure producing grammatical errors.

My experience on the it summarising tool will give a 5 star rating to it (Quillbot Review). It can summarize more than 1000 words which help me to condense complex articles while writing a lengthy research paper. The plagiarism checker of it is a premium feature while other tools can check plagiarism completely free. Hence it is a paraphrase and summarizer tool provide a higher than average experience.

Lastly if you need any help in choosing the right tool feel free to contact us; we will help you out.

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