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We are here to say and tell you about the SinCode Ai, Its Features, Tools, Pricing, Review, Alternatives & More.

Let’s Go…!

What Is SinCode Ai?

It is an Ai content & copywriting tool which is completely plagiarism free, Along with Marve (Similar to ChatGPT) and Image Generation Option.

To Whom is SinCode Ai useful?

It is for everyone. But it is very helpful for Copywriters, Marketers, Content Writers & Entrepreneurs.

Let’s see how it is helpful for each in a detailed manner:

1. Copywriters:

While coming to Copywriters, this tool will help them in Copywriting like Website copy, Google Ad Copy, Social media ad copy, sales email & more.

2. Marketers:

As a marketer, I know how much it helps create a Sales pitch, Brainstorming ideas, PR Headlines, Product Descriptions, and AIDA copywriting.

3. Content Writers:

Coming to content writers, SinCode Ai will help them create Blogs, Articles, Blog titles, Meta Description & many more.

4. Entrepreneurs:

For Entrepreneurs, this tool will help you Generating Business Names, Brainstorming Ideas, Business models, Business Plans & So on…

SinCode Ai Features:

SinCode Ai Features

An Ai Copywriting tool has some good features like:

  • Marve Chat
  • Ai Document Editor
  • Image Generator
  • Prompt Library
  • Brand Voice.

1. SinCode Ai Marve Chat:

It is a similar tool to ChatGPT4, but you will get real-time information or data from Google. There is no limitation of up to 2021, like ChatGPT.

Highlights of Marve Chat:

  • Real-Time Google Data
  • Complete Tasks With ChatGPT4
  • Document Uploader
  • Brand Voice
  • Promot Library.

2. Ai Document Editor:

This feature helps you create or edit a document in just a matter of seconds. Here you can create a new document by just giving the title of it.

It will automatically write the content for you according to the given title with Ai.

3. Image Generator:

A most powerful feature of the SinCode ai. Image generators assist you in generating images with ai.

Image Models:

  • Text to Image
  • Image to Image
  • Upscale Image.

4. Brand Voice:

A New feature from SinCode Ai. Helps you generate content according to your Brand Tone or Voice.

Moreover, it generates content related to your brand’s products or services.

5. Promot Library:

Prompt means pre-built ready-to-use conditions. SinCode Ai has a lot of pre-built Prompts along with categories where you can make it easy with your work.

Prompt Ex:

Category: Social Media

Prompt: YouTube Video Script Pro

Query: I Need YouTube Video Script On Tips On Social Media Optimization.

SinCode Ai Tools:

SinCode Ai Tools

Advanced Tools:

  • Business Workflow Builder
  • Transcribe Audio (file) to Text
  • Task Manager
  • Blog Post Workflow.

1. Business Workflow Builder:

The best tool option is from SinCode Ai, which helps us generate business ideas and create Facebook and Google ads from scratch.

Workflow Steps:
  • Generating Business Idea
  • Business Name
  • Target Audience
  • Creating Business Plan
  • Calculating Estimated Business Cost
  • Creating Facebook & Google Ads.

2. Transcribe Audio (file) to Text:

Here you can upload your audio file (which is already recorded by you) and convert it into Text with just one tap.

It especially supports 60+ Languages.

3. Task Manager:

Here you can organize your business’s short and long-term tasks efficiently along with your team members.

4. Blog Post Workflow:

This helps you create a blog post from scratch, like generating ideas to a conclusion.

It’s Workflow:
  • Idea & Title Generation
  • Description
  • Outline
  • Body
  • Conclusion.

Copywriting Tools:

  • Content Improver
  • Blog Meta Titles
  • Blog Section
  • Long From Blog
  • Blog Meta Description
  • Content Expander
  • Journalist Writing
  • Journalist Review
  • Explain It To Child.

1. Content Improver:

If you are not ok with already generated content, here you can use a content improver tool to rewrite your content.

2. Blog Meta Titles:

Using this tool, you can create eye catchy blog headlines for your blog post.

3. Blog Section:

In between, while you are writing an article, if you are stuck somewhere in moving forward, you can use this tool to generate the particular paragraph without changing the article’s tone.

4. Long Form Blog:

If you want to create a blog post from scratch, this tool suits you to create content for a blog in a couple of minutes without compromising your brand voice.

5. Blog Meta Description:

The most important part after creating the blog post is the meta description. It plays a key role in the search engine results page.

6. Content Expander:

You can also expand the blog post content as much as you want.

7. Journalist Writing:

A tool that helps you generate the content for news & media, press release, story and also what and all done by Journalists.

8. Journalist Review:

As you know, journalists will give a review to a general audience about a person, service or product. 

Here you can generate reviews from a Journalist’s point of view.

9. Explain It To Child:

Nowadays, even small kids are also interested in learning something. So while writing the content, we can use a tool to explain it to the child, which helps us create content that the 5th Class kid understands.

SEO and Website Tools:

  • AIDA Copywrite
  • Product Page
  • Home Page
  • Services Page.

1. AIDA Copywrite:

By using this tool, you can create compelling copy along with AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action)

2. Home, Services and Product Page:

Three of these tools, having the same function, help you create SEO Optimised Title & Meta Description of your pages like Home, Services & Product.

Business and Marketing Tools:

  • Product Description
  • Business & Product Names
  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • Email Generator
  • Sales Pitch
  • Feature to Benefit
  • Business Plan
  • Business Model
  • Digital PR Headlines.

1. Product Description:

Suppose you own an ecommerce store and have products listed on your website. In that case, SinCode Ai helps generate the product description according to your brand voice.

2. Business And Product Names:

Apart from the product descriptions, you can generate eye-catching business and product names, which you will use for the brand or product in your ecommerce store.

3. Brainstorm Ideas:

Suppose you have a new project or want to improve your existing project. In that case, you can use this tool to generate brainstorming ideas for a project in just a matter of seconds.

4. Email Generator:

If you are writing an email to your boss, a colleague or any other people, this will help you write the body of the email. All you need to do is give an example of the situation.

5. Sales Pitch:

When you are looking to close a new sales deal with your new clients, SinCode ai helps you create a sales pitch from introduction to closing the sales deal based on the given condition.

6. Feature To Benefit:

With the help of this tool, you can easily convert product features into benefits.

7. Business Plan & Model:

If you are just out of your business and don’t know where to start and end, this tool will help create the business plan from scratch to the end.

8. Digital PR Headlines:

If you are releasing a press note and are confused about the press title, just briefly describe your press doc; it will give you PR Headline Ideas.

Social Media and Ads:

  • Google Ads Generator
  • Facebook Ads Generator
  • Linkedin Personel Post
  • Viral Tweet Generator
  • TikTok Topic Ideas
  • Linkedin Business Post
  • Video Topic Ideas
  • Video Script Online
  • Video Title
  • Video Script & Hook Generator
  • Video Description
  • Twitter Thread Generator
  • TikTok Description
  • TikTok Script Outline.

1. TikTok Topic Idea, Description, Script Outline:

SinCode Ai Helps you generate the tik tok topic idea and its description, along with a script outline for your idea.

2. Video Topic Idea, Title, Description, Script & Hook Generator:

This tool helps you create a video topic idea, its title & description, and a script outline.

Note: It will also help you generate a video hook for your audiences.

3. Twitter Viral Tweet And Thread Generator:

This tool can create a viral tweet and its sequel thread generation.

4. Linkedin Personnel & Business Post Generator:

Suppose you are looking to generate linkedin personnel and business post separately. In that case, this tool will help you create it by giving it an idea to create the content for your post.

5. Google & Facebook Ads Generator:

If you are a Business Owner and want to run ads for your customers, you are at the right place. SinCode Ai helps you create compelling ad copy along with titles, descriptions, scripts and ad graphics according to your brand voice.


  • Generate Code
  • Explain Code
  • Code Bug Fixer.

1. Generate Code:

If you are a coder and want to write code for your project, this tool helps you write the code from scratch.

2. Explain Code:

After generating the code, if you want it to be explained to your manager or colleagues, it will also help you in that by giving you a step-by-step explanation doc.

3. Code Bug Fixer:

Along with the generation of code, if you find any error on it or if it’s not matching your requirement, you can easily fix that error according to your requirements by using this tool.


  • Essay Writer
  • Essay Outline
  • Study Notes Generator.

1. SinCode Ai Essay Writer:

If you’re a student and you got homework (essay writing) from school and don’t know where to start. This tool will help you in generating the essay for your homework topic.

2. Essay Outline:

After Generating the essay for your topic, you can also go with an essay outline tool to create an overview for your essay.

3. Study Notes Generator:

Apart from essays, you can also create or generate your study notes using this tool. From here, after no need to worry about incomplete or pending class notes.

Other Tools:

  • Text Summarizer
  • Lyrics Generator
  • Fix Grammar and Spelling
  • Review Generator
  • Tinder Match
  • Review Responder
  • Undetectable Ai
  • Language Translator.

1. Text Summarizer:

If you want to create or generate a summary from your text paragraph, this tool will help you with that.

2. Lyrics Generator:

Now Ai can generate lyrics based on the given situation. With this, you can easily create the lyrics for a song.

3. Fix Grammar And Spelling:

If you are not good at writing and your work requires it, like sending emails to higher officials and colleagues, just write down whatever you feel is in the mail and correct it using this tool.

4. Review Generator & Responder:

Nowadays, reviews are very important for business. Using this tool, you can generate a review creatively from the existing customer review and respond to the customer review by using this tool.

5. Tinder Match:

Accurately this tool will help you find your perfect Tinder match based on your profile by using Ai.

6. Undetectable Ai:

SinCode Ai can generate Undetectable Ai content like exactly human written content.

7. Language Translator:

It is the best feature of the SinCode Ai tool; whatever content you generate using it, you can translate it into your language.

SinCode Ai has 30+ Language translation access across the world.

How To Use SinCode Ai?

The below-given video I Have explained how to use it clearly:

How To Use SinCode Ai

SinCode Ai Pricing:

Everything In Free +Everything In Free +
5000 Words/Month50000 Words/MonthUnlimited Words
30 Images/Month50 Images/MonthUnlimited Images
20+ Languages30+ LanguagesUse Chat GPT-4
Brand VoiceBrand Voice
Unlimited Marve Docs

SinCode Ai Review:

⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.5/5) Google Source

As I am using SinCode ai personally, I recommend using this tool as an initial process to complete your work easily.

Use the free trial version if you are just starting or looking to use it. After that, upgrade to a premium version if you feel good using the SinCode Ai tool.

SinCode Ai Alternatives:

  • Bing Ai
  • Conch Ai
  • Notion Ai
  • Jenni Ai
  • Copy Ai.


Is SinCode Ai Free To Use?

Yes, We can use it for free; but limited features are available in the free version.


I hope you got the right information through this article on SinCode Ai. If you find this article helpful, share it with your friends and family and comment below.

Thanks for reading this article, my friend.

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