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Are you looking for a Vistaprint Review; Then you are at the right place my friend?

In this article, we dive into the world of Vistaprint, investigating its pricing, product offering, customization options, delivery process, and more.

Also Discover It’s pros, cons, and unique features to help you determine your printing needs. 

Read on to find out if Vistaprint is the right choice if you’re a small business owner, a creative professional, or someone looking for personalized products.

Vistaprint Review By Users:

What is Vistaprint?

It is a printing company that provides various customizable printed products and services online. The company was established in 1995 and has since provided different customizable products, printed materials to individuals, small business firms and organizations. Customers can personalize designs and order various products. Which include business cards, flyers, banners, signs, postcards, marketing materials, apparel, and promotional products.

It supplies pocket-friendly and accessible printing solutions, particularly for small quantities. They have a user-friendly website with design tools that allow customers to personalize their products with text, images, logos, and templates. They also offer design services for those who prefer professional assistance. 

Customers can easily search for product categories, customize designs, and place orders using their online platform with a filtering option. They provide various shipping options and pricing charges, ensure timely delivery, and frequently offer promotions and discounts.

Vistaprint: Products

  • Company cards
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Signs and banners
  • Invitations and postcards
  • Posters, catalogs, and stickers are examples of marketing materials.
  • T-shirts and hats are examples of apparel.
  • Promotional items (for example, mugs, pens, and magnets)
  • Photo gifts (for example, photo books and calendars)

Vistaprint: Services


Design services are offered at an additional cost for professional assistance to those customers who require it.

Logo design:

The logo design services by vistaprint enable them to create a unique logo for customers for their company or organization.

Website Creation:

This option enables customers to create and customize their websites uniquely as they wanted it.


Vistaprint also offers direct mail campaigns and digital marketing products in addition to marketing materials and services. 

Graphic Design:

Customers can also use their graphic design services to have their custom designs professionally created. 

Vistaprint: Features

Design customization tools:

The online design Interface will help the customers to personalize their products with text, images, logos, and templates.


VistaPrint offers a  subscription-based program that enables customers to receive frequent and exclusive discounts, rewards, and services.


Vistaprint Rewards is a customer loyalty program that allows customers to earn points on purchases and redeem them for discounts on future orders.

Ideas and Inspiration:

Their blog and design galleries also provide ideas, tips, and inspiration for creating eye-catching designs.

Vistaprint: Online Ordering Guide

  • The Customers can easily search for different product categories, customize designs, and place orders on Vistaprint’s website (  
  • Website provides a filter option to search by shape, texture, and type for visiting cards, and also various product options are available. 
  • Also the website offers a smooth and tussle-free experience for each customer to have an easy shopping experience.
  • Their website is divided into different sections, which can be selected with filters. 
  • In addition, the website offers design templates, FAQs, customer support, and a blog with valuable tips and inspiration.

Vistaprint: Pros

Comprehensive product range:

Vistaprint offers many products, including business cards, marketing materials, apparel, signage, invitations, and more.

Customization tools:

VistaPrint includes many customization tools that allow customers to personalize their designs with text, images, logos, and various templates.

User-friendly interface:

Vistaprint’s website is easy to use and navigate, making creating and ordering personalized products easy.

Product Quality:

High-standard paper material is used by VistaPrint to create cards that ensures that the product quality is not compromised at any cost. 


VistaPrint ensures sustainable product management by reducing its carbon footprint through less electricity, responsible forestry, and the installation of greener technology. 

Affordable options for small quantities:

Vistaprint is well-known for its low pricing, discount, and affordability, ideal for individuals or small businesses.

Discount and Promotions:

Vistaprint frequently offers discounts, coupon codes, and special promotions, allowing customers to save money.

Quick production and delivery times:

Many Vistaprint products have quick production and delivery times, allowing customers to receive their orders quickly.

Vistaprint: Cons

Limited Design Flexibility:

While it offers customization options, the flexibility may be limited compared to professional design software.

Variations in quality:

The quality of Vistaprint’s products varies depending on the type of product and paper/material used. Customers have complained about inconsistencies in print color or cutting accuracy.

Unpredictable delivery:

The delivery of ordered products comes in at unpredictable times, as understood from several reviews. 

Premium options have higher costs:

While Vistaprint has low prices for primary products, adding premium features, finishes, or materials can significantly increase the overall cost.

Vistaprint: Product quality

The quality of Vistaprint’s products varies depending on the specific item and customization options selected. While most customers find the overall quality satisfactory, some have reported inconsistencies in print color, cutting accuracy, or paper/material durability. Before placing an order, reviewing product previews and specifications is best.

Vistaprint: Pricing

30 Design Concepts60 Design Concepts90 Design Concepts,60 Design Concepts,
Copyright OwnershipCopyright OwnershipCopyright OwnershipCopyright Ownership
Mid-Tier DesignersTop-Tier Designers
Dedicated Manager
Priority Support
Pricing Table

Vistaprint: Delivery Time

Shipping on all orders is shipped within three to fifteen days of receipt. Customers will be able to check the estimated delivery date of their order before paying for it.

The order can be tracked using your Vistaprint account or the tracking number provided in the order confirmation email. It does not provide expected delivery services, so consider this when placing an order.

Related Questions:

1. Can Vistaprint be trusted?

Vistaprint has very high-quality products, according to hundreds of user reviews across multiple review sites. It never sacrifices quality when printing a design on clothing or tote bags.

2. Is Vistaprint an Indian company?

It is a global e-commerce company based in the Netherlands that creates physical and digital marketing products for small businesses.

3. Is cash on delivery available on Vistaprint?

Yes, Available.

4. Does Vistaprint allow returns?

We stand behind everything we sell. So, if you open your order and aren’t satisfied, we’ll reprint it or give you an account credit. If that doesn’t work, we’ll refund your money in full. Contact us and one of our Customer Care Specialists will get right on it.

My Personal Experience with Vistaprint:

VistaPrint has provided excellent quality service for us. It provides a diverse range of customizable products at reasonable prices. The user-friendly website and design tools have provided us with a good experience. The various product ranges and discounts offered us good quality products at a reasonable and convenient rate. 

However, there are some areas where Vistaprint could improve. Design flexibility may be limited compared to professional design software, and product quality may vary depending on the type of product and customization options selected. But on an overall scale, we are happy and satisfied with the services of VistaPrint.

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